In the Spiritual Fire of God Carl Welkisch



Including the supplement "In the Footsteps of Christ"


555 pages (Hardcover)


ISBN 978-3-926493-23-1


€ 35.00


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This life story arouses interest and inspires. Already as a boy Carl was called by God and Christ. The aim gradually becomes clear: The resurrection of the flesh on the paths of development already during earthly lifetime. In unswerving consequence, he follows the path predetermined by God and Christ. It is stony and difficult and leads him into unimaginable representative and transcendental suffering, into confrontation with the opposing side as well as into the hell of National Socialism. God, Christ, the heavenly provide solace and help. Increasingly and agonizingly, God enters the flesh, which at first is resistant. A breakthrough of the spirit from the inside out, even into the individual parts of the body matter. The rigid self-will of each cell is broken and transformed: transfiguration, spiritualisation. According to HIS will, God cannot as before only be experienced in ecstasy, but can now be experienced awake and consciously and matter is able to withstand this. Jakob Böhme prophesied: God's birth in the outermost. After almost 96 years, the work was accomplished in 1984, the breakthrough completed. In the age of materialism, the rigidity of matter is exemplarily overcome. Matter has become spirit again. A new era has begun. What has once been achieved shall now be of benefit to everyone within the course of an organic development.
This book offers insights into a secret work of God during this time. Much becomes clear even to the critical mind of contemporary man. God promises HIS help to the truly open and compassionate reader. HIS grace will touch him. In this way, the Christian will come to a new understanding of mysticism and a vibrant experience of God because "... the devout of tomorrow will be a 'mystic', one who has experienced something, or he will be no more ..." (Karl Rahner, 1966)




Man between Spirit and World Carl Welkisch



140 pages (Paperback)


ISBN 978-3-926493-20-0


€ 12.00


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Human beings have sought answers from the beginning of time to life's big questions: Where do I come from? What is the meaning of life? And what happens after death? Reason alone cannot answer these questions in a meaningful and convincing way. It was the clairsentience of the mystic and spiritual healer, Carl Welkisch (1888-1984), that made it possible for him to clearly recognize the physical, soul and spiritual realms, and allowed him to provide authentic information for answering these questions for ourselves. Beginning with the differing origins of spirit, soul and body, Welkisch describes their interplay in life and their further development after death. Because of his deep bond with Christ and God, his experiences and insights can be a great help to others in finding personal answers to these fundamental questions about life, human development and the path to God.




Carl Welkisch Anouchka + Andreas Hempel



36 pages, 9 pict. (booklet)


ISBN 978-3-0926493-13-5


€ 5.00


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This little booklet provides a good overview of Carl Welkisch's life. Written from the perspective of two of his friends, the pages depict the most important incidents of his life. The booklet is completed with nine photographs of different stages of his life.


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